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Hearing instruments have to cope with everything from moisture, heat perspiration and earwax to hair care products. To keep them in good conditions, follow the guidelines below.

• Always keep your instruments clean and dry.
• To preserve battery life when not in use, open the battery compartment.
• Make a habit of cleaning your hearing instruments every day, never using household cleaning fluids, oil or water. Use a dry cloth and a brush.
• At night, you might store your instruments in the special drying kit (available from your hearing care professional)
• Always check to make sure you have removed your instruments before swimming, showering or applying hairspray.

How often you need to change batteries will depend on model, type and daily usage. Ask your hearing care professional what to expect. Many instruments send out a soft beeping single to indicate that the battery is running low.

Your hearing instruments should never feel too tight or too loose, but comfortable. If at any time they should cause discomfort or irritation, contact your hearing care professional for assistance.

Be sure to book regular follow-up visits so your hearing care professional can monitor your progress, and remember to log any questions or concerns in your diary. Remember also that the key to success can be described with just four words; patience, practice and positive thinking!