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Dr. Khirod Chandra Panda Received National Award From Her Excellency Pratibha Debisingh Patil on 2009Read More...

Of all the five senses, our hearing is perhaps the most precious. Deprived of this, we lost contact with the people we love and the world in general.

Consider all the sounds you encounter, every single day; friends chatting, children laughing, a favourite song, a loving remark. It is this invigorating, informative symphony of sounds that makes like richer.

As well as helping us communicate and socialize, our sense of hearing helps to keep us safe. A fire alarm ringing, a car honking its horn, or a child shouting "Help!" are just a few examples of vital signals that we need to be able to hear.

We rely on our hearing in so many ways, which is why we should treasure and protect it.

Is this you?
Do you suspect that your hearing is not as good as it used to be ? For instance, do you find yourself having to look directly at people's faces to understand what they are saying?

Hearing loss can creep up so slowly that the person affected is often the last one to know. In fact, friends, co-workers or family members are likely to spot the problem before you do. They might say, "You are not listening to me." They may get annoyed because the TV is too loud. And they might wonder why you do not react when a friend calls you or when the doorbell rings.

The real problem is often not the condition itself – but that we do not recognize it and do something about it early on. To avoid this fate, you need to be able to recognize the signs and get your hearing checked.

People get their eyes and teeth checked on a regular basis, so why not add your ears to the maintenance list? It takes less than an hour to assess your hearing health and the sooner a hearing loss is detected, the better.

Did you know that more than 500 million people worldwide experience some degree of hearing loss? About half are of working age.