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Important Personal Factors



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The following questions are designed to help you identify your requirements, so you can communicate them clearly to your hearing care professional.

How would you describe your lifestyle?
Do you consider yourself the "stay-at-home" type who enjoys reading, watching TV and gardening? Or are you outgoing with an active social life and lots of hobbies?

If you are the active type, you should consider advanced or premium hearing instruments. These can adapt to the widest variety of listening situations including noisy ones. And being fully automatic, they do not require constant adjustment; all you will have to do is to listen!

Did you know that the sound from your TV, landline or mobile phone, music player or computer can be sent wirelessly, straight into both hearing instruments? This turns them into the world's smallest hands-free headset – so you can listen without disturbing others!

What are your communication needs?
Ask yourself exactly where you would like to be able to hear much better. For instance, what happens when you are socializing with family and friends? What challenges are involved in eating out or going to the theatre, etc? It is a good to idea to involve family, as their observations can be valuable.

What else would you like to connect to?
Better hearing does not only include fact to face situations; sound comes from other audio sources too – such as phones, TVs and stereos. If you would like to be able to watch the news or listen to Mozart without bringing the roof down, you might consider hearing instruments that offer wireless connectivity.